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PaK Civil Society Condemns Killings in Kashmir

Demands probe, revocation of AFSPA G U KYANI ISLAMABAD

The Civil Society in Pakistan has condemned the recent civilian killings in the Kashmir and impressed upon the Government of India to fulfill its obligation to protect the right to life in accordance with international law.


Trading for Peace Across Kashmir’s Line of Control

10 February 2011: Muzaffarabad

Conciliation Resources, a London-based peacebuilding organisation (1), presented ‘Jammu and Kashmir: Trade Across the Line of Control’, at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Muzaffarabad.


New cycle of agitation in Kashmir

03 October 2010 |By Ershad Mahmud

SCORES of people have been killed in the Kashmir Valley in pitched street battles between angry protestors and Indian security forces during the last three months. It is said that each death creates new protestors who fearlessly battle with police and paramilitary forces.


Another Intifada: The uprising in Kashmir Valley has reinvigorated the long missing indigenous character and non-violent face of the movement

05 October 2010 | By Ershad Mahmud

The News, September 5, 2010 : Pakistan’s lukewarm response to the current uprising in Kashmir Valley stunned many worldwide while a heated debate about the upsurge led by local youth attracted Indian and world media alike.


KASHMIR DIALOGUE – Resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue welcomed

12 July 2010 | Noor Aftab – Islamabad

The participants of the dialogue session on “Chinars’ Old Leaves are Falling: Fresh Saplings in the 1st Citizens’ Dialogue on Kashmir” welcomed the resumption of the Pakistan-India dialogue process and hoped that it would help resolve conflicting issues between the two nuclear states.


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