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A platform for young writers, analysts and emerging scholars from across the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir and the diaspora

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Basic information

Young voices of Kashmir (YVK) provides a virtual platform to emerging Kashmir writers living in the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir or abroad.

We request contributors to put forth pioneering analysis, stories to enhance understanding of the socio-cultural and political dynamics of the region. A number of diverse issues in the social, cultural, scientific, political, religious and personal realms are encountered by the young emerging writers in beautiful, creative ways; fostering intellectual debate on a wide range of significant contemporary issues and developments.
The young writers are requested to keep in mind the following rules for their writings:
  • Prefer plain direct sentences to the long, vague ones.  
  • It is necessary to use the correct spellings and grammar.
  • Creativity and originality are the basic qualities of a good writing. All entries must be the original work of the writers. Refrain from using someone else’s work without proper acknowledgement.
  • All works sent for publication should have a suitable title.
  • Try to tackle the social, political and cultural issues with a constructive critical analysis and positive thinking, suggesting some ways out of the chaotic circumstances faced by the world today. Avoid biasness and negative criticism which impairs the spirit of critical thinking and mars the objectives of this group. 

Growing awareness about human rights violation in Kashmir

23rd September 2020 | Hunain Mahmood
Once again the Human Rights Council, the third most powerful body of the United Nations, has raised the issue of the human rights abuses, zero space for political dissidents and constant internet shutdown in the Indian-held-Kashmir during the 42nd session.


Growing Tourism in Azad Kashmir

Ishba Aziz Khan
Azad Jammu and Kashmir, also known as the heaven on earth, is a land enriched with fertile plains, towering mountains and gushing rivers. The valley is full of beautiful sceneries and has many places for the attraction of tourists like Ganga Choti, Neelum River, Banjosa Lake, Peer Chanasi, Mangla Dam, Tolipeer and many others.  People from different areas of Pakistan come to visit these places every year.


Internet Siege in Kashmir

16th September 2020 | Irtaza Muhammad
Internet has revolutionized our lives ever since its existence. One cannot imagine a normal life without access to it as almost all of our daily life activities are connected to it in one way or the other. A prominent Human rights group The Jammu-Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS), in its 120 pages report has termed the Internet Blackout in Kashmir imposed by the Indian Government a “Collective Punishment”.


The despair of Kashmiri pellet victims

14th September 2020 | Hunain Mahmood
When the people of Kashmir were observing Ashoura and running traditional peaceful processions to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad; Indian security forces opened fire on the protesters and according to the local media reports, around 250 people were seriously injured.


Life along the Line of Control, from the other side

5th September 2020 | Irtaza Muhammad
Not a single day goes by without exchange of fire along the Line of Control (LoC) separating Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir (PaJK) from the Indian-administrated portion (J-K). Tens of thousands of people reside along either side of this line. The ceasefire violations have not only left many of them handicapped but have resulted in the loss of life and property.


The pain that bequeathed hope to us ~ COVID -19: My Reflections — Dr. Hadia Aziz

This is the story of a doctor who, along with her sister, rose to the occasion; Put herself in the line of fire and bravely confronted the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Both of them have been helping out the needy people since the last 5-months. On the request of CPDR, Dr. Hadia Aziz shared her personal reflections which is presented here for our readers. Editor.


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