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Reviving Local Bodies System in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Youth Empowerment

Dear Participants,

The upcoming election in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) are just around the corner, while the debate on the revival of Local Bodies (LB) in AJK got new impetus when all the provinces of Pakistan successfully conducted Local Bodies Elections in recent years. The last LB polls were held in AJK in 1991 and the elected representatives of Local Bodies kept working until 1996.

Since then, instead of holding local bodies' elections as required by the law, administrators and Chairmen of the development authorities were appointed invariably by the successive governments on political basis to run local councils. It diminishes transparent functioning and also mitigates the system of accountability of the Government and its institutions. On 6th March 2015, after a long judicial battle, the AJK High Court directed the Government to hold Local Bodies elections within the next five months, but Government did not pay heed on it.

Why Discussion Now?
It is the right time to discuss this issue as political parties are framing their polices in the context of upcoming general elections and a strong pressure from civil society should be exerted to not only to include LB polls in their party manifestos but also to make a firm public pledge of holding LB polls within first six months, if any of them get a chance to establish government.
  The revival of Local Bodies System has potential to become a vehicle to empower youth and ensure inclusive democracy in the area, which would ultimately improve governance as well as the system of accountability in AJK. The youth of AJK has to play an active role in pushing the relevant authorities to hold LB polls and also to make necessary changes in the LB election laws and subsequent procedures to have better and improved LB system.

In this context, leaders from major political parties have been invited to share their perspectives on the subject and interact with the youth. The details of the program are given below. We look forward to seeing you.
The details of the program are given below.

We look forward to seeing you.


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